SEO for Small Business- 10 Tips to Make a Difference.

Given the various components that a successful Search Engine Optimization strategy has, from Keyword Analysis to Local SEO, people are driven to think that it’s something meant for only those big businesses with multiple outlets and what not. What a delusion! Having been connected to this industry for over six years, what I’ve concluded is that SEO for Small Business works just as well as it does for those big marketers. In fact, what I feel is that due to lesser complexities involved in a small business, it’s easier for it to reap full and better benefits. 

SEO is the key for all businesses, big or small. If you want to utilise optimization to transform your business, I’ve listed down 11 SEO Tips for Small Business, classified under three areas that need to be worked upon. By incorporating some or all of these, you are sure to make a difference.

As A Business Entity

The foundation for any improvement that can be brought through SEO is always your business. Setting up a solid foundation is the first step towards success. These three tips will help you build that perfect ground to work upon.

Be Customer Satisfaction Driven

If I have to pinpoint the single thing which, if taken care of, would propel the customers as well as the search engine to consider your business worthy and promote to the top, it would be your ability to meet the needs of the customers and more importantly satisfying them in the best manner. Ensuring prime customer satisfaction is the driving force for these search engines. When you work this segment of the yard, you are setting up to win the trust of the customers and eventually of the search engine.

Building Brand Name and Value

Putting all the work on the technical front would not matter unless you are able to work on things that would help you build and consolidate your brand name and value. But what is that thing? Being genuine in your dealings and a dedication towards serving the customers right are what go into building your business to something that gets associated with authority and credibility. Only then you will find customers coming to you and then, just like first tip reads, satisfying them with your services will seal the deal. 

Patience is the Key!

They say all good things take time. Going by the same notion, you must understand that building up a well established brand name in the market is not an overnight job. It requires patient and dedicated efforts on a consistent basis to see the first of results. Also, the technical tips that I’m about to share work best for someone who is patient enough to let them work in full effect in a gradual manner.

Work on Technical Front

Let’s talk about more of the technical stuff now. While there are so many things involved in optimization, here are five things that are must if you want to make considerable improvement through SEO.

Analyse The Competitors

Time and again I’ve talked about how important analysing and understanding your niche and the competition involved within is if you are looking to get ahead in the race. Learning from what others are doing is easiest way to develop an understanding of what works and what doesn’t. My Competitive Analysis Service has been crafted keeping the same thing in mind. Through a detailed analysis and then comprehensive reports, I will help you understand your competition well and then incorporate better ideas to get ahead of them.

Focus On Quality Keywords

When it comes to using keywords for improved ranking, the age old method of stuffing as many keywords as you possibly could in your website’s content and then expecting to get fast results is no more viable. Instead of getting you instant success, it ends up being detrimental for your business in the long run. In such case, quality matters over quantity. Through the competitive analysis reports I offer a list of keywords that are the most relevant and the most profitable ones in your niche. Focusing on these keywords will ensure that you see consistent growth.

Incorporating Local SEO

If you own a small business, I’m pretty much sure that you are looking for business in the local market. Even if you are aiming beyond the local horizon, getting yourself well established in the local market is the precursor to further success. Therefore it becomes quintessential for you to incorporate a Local SEO strategy in order to make a mark in the local realm. Local SEO focuses on things that will help you get improved ranking and presence at the local level- local keywords, local maps marketing and many more.

Optimizing the Website Speed

With tons of options available, no customer would wait on your website if it doesn’t have a good loading speed. Anything more than three seconds and you end up losing the customers. As a small business, you cannot afford this. The best thing for you is to optimize the page loading speed through proper measures. Given the opportunities in the local market where most of the searches are made through mobile devices, optimizing for Mobile phone is something that you need to take care of.

PPC Advertising

While I’m an advocate of Organic SEO and encourage the use of same to get organic results, if you are not patient enough to see the results organically, you can resort to making use of Pay-per-click advertising to get what we call paid results. As an SEO Expert, I strongly recommend you to use organic ways to get results that are long lasting. However, if the needs arise and you don’t want to wait, PPC Advertising is the way to go for you.

Creating Brand Awareness

In order to build up a network that will attract more customers you need to work on building and improving your brand awareness. Ensuring proper customer engagemet is another thing that will help you build credibility and authority in the industry. Here are three tips that will help you achieve this.

Incorporating a Blog

When you have a inflow of large number of customers, the number of lead conversions that you can get automatically increases. Customers like to read a lot online and go through lots of pages. By incorporating a Blog in your website, you can capitalise on this thing to draw in more customers for you. Post high quality content on things related to your niche on a regular interval and you are good to go. Again, focus on quality and not on quantity.

Promote Your Business Through Posts

When you have a small business, you need to ensure that you get the word spreading all over the place so that the customers who are looking for the services you provide can find you. In this age when almost everyone is on the internet and the social media platforms, making use of these to promote yourself becomes indispensable. Set up a solid business profile and then post regular content. Make sure that you link to your website which will serve as a redirection for the customers to your website.

Get Them To Leave Reviews

When you serve any customer, make sure that you get them to leave a review for the products/services. These reviews serve as a reflection of your service quality and the customer experience that you offer. Positive reviews posted for your business encourage new customers to visit you for the services you offer. This translates to more traffic, more leads and success.

As an experienced professional in Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization, I can assure you that if you incorporate these tips in your SEO strategy, you will experience profound success with your small business. Don’t think that SEO is not meant for you. Hire an SEO Expert to get these things done and experience the success yourself!