6 SEO Tenets For Changing Times & Trends- 2022 & Beyond

The times- they are changing. The days are grinding by quicker than ever and so are the things that come alongside, even in the marketing business.

I have talked time and again about SEO, its implication on the digital marketing game and its dynamic nature. It is no secret that for one to run an online business with a certain degree of success to it, one needs to adhere to the ways of the search engine optimization process.

Things were different when it was only being discovered and understood that optimizing the website/online pr ofile of the business as per the requirements of the search engine was what moved the needle. It was all basic and there were set methods that could be applied to achieve the goal.

However, now that it has already been established that SEO is, in fact, the anchor and that it is entirely dynamic in the way it conducts itself, it has become essential to ensure that the anchor is being adjusted as per the changing trends, failing which means losing track of it all.

To help you keep pace with the changes as well as take advantage of them, I have compiled a list of 6 fundamental tenets of SEO that will provide you with the necessary foothold for progress.

1. Curating Correct Content

One of the fundamental tenets that will serve as the cornerstone of your online enterprise is the content that you publish and offer. Regardless of what happens with the trends, this is something that will always be decisive in how well you get on and therefore it is something that you can always fall back on and hold on to.

It must be realized that anything that goes on the website is not meant for you to publish just for the sake of doing so. It has to be published for the audience and, in a way, for the search algorithm.

When your content has such significant purpose, it is expected of you that the content is correctly curated. What do I mean by ‘Correct’ content? I mean providing customers with exactly what they are looking for and what they are being promised.

If your content satisfies the customers and adheres to the benchmark and guidelines of the search engine algorithm, it is correct.

If you want to learn more, read my articles on SEO Copywriting tips and the role of content in SEO.

2. Right Approach Towards Keywords

Keywords are and have been fundamental to the process of search engine optimization. Not much can be done without them but as a Greek philosopher would say, the excessive increase of anything causes a reaction in the opposite direction.

When it comes to keywords moderation and accuracy are key. The clichéd ‘quality over quantity’ holds good as far as the right approach towards keywords is concerned.

Through a proper keyword research, all rewarding keywords in your niche, based on the competition, must be ascertained. Out of them one should incorporate keyword phrases based on one’s target goals. Long-tail keywords are easier to rank on and work with as compared to specific keywords that are characterized by stiff competition.

Another thing to keep in mind is making use of LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing keywords. These are keywords that aren’t ‘core’ but derived and are easier to incorporate naturally in the content creation process. Remember to keep it limited and natural.

Seeking advice from a professional SEO Consultant can help you figure out things related to keyword in an effective way.

3. Building A Dynamic & Reliable Backlink Profile

Backlinks, to a very significant extent, are what make or break your chances and rest assured they would continue to do so with & despite the changing trends.

The backlink profile of any business really sets the bar which decides how well the business would fare and the direction to which it is headed. It is also usually the first thing that I check through my SEO audit reports when I work with a business.

While mending a flawed and detrimental backlink profile is possible with the right approach, it comes with its cost. It is therefore to set things right, right off the bat and ensure that you do all the right things to get the right kind of backlinks linking to your website/articles.

Although the process of link building as a whole would require explaining the intricacies, here are few things to keep in mind:

  • Less is more. Really.
  • One backlink from a well-established and authentic platform > ten backlinks with shady background.
  • Always keep the backlinks relevant to what you are all about.
  • Regular and periodic assessment and modification are vital.

The next two items on the list are two trend-based projections that are going to remain functional for as long as the game lasts.

4. Optimizing For Voice-Based Search

The old ways are apparently on the verge of becoming redundant. Instead of typing things out, people speak to arrive at what they are looking for.

Voice-based searching and browsing has emerged as the new decisive element of successful marketing campaign and it is a trend that is bound to have futuristic implications on how business and browsing thereof is conducted now and more so in coming days.

However, don’t just take my word for it. There are numerous voice search statistics that form the much-needed evidential basis to back my claims.

Whether it is the usage of voice search assistants and smart speakers or the voice-based e-commercial browsing, all figures are indicative of how optimizing your business profile and its elements for voice search has begun to become the need of the hour.

Be an early bird and start working in the right direction well in advance, in order to be able to properly capitalize on the emerging trend that is here to stay.

5. Optimizing For Local SERP

Any piece of work is only as good as its foundation and fundamentals. If you are eyeing a global success for your business, it must be understood that without securing your presence in the local market, you cannot expect growing in the global one. It is equivalent to not being able to run a mile in your own block and expecting to perform in a marathon.

No matter what direction things go in future, a strong and relevant presence and reach in the local market would always be a qualification for the search engine algorithm to consider your business for further reach and advancement.

It is imperative that you optimize your business as per the required measures to ensure that you build your presence and establish your brand value to cater to the local searches. To understand things better, consider familiarizing yourself with some notable local SEO stats.

If you are wondering how you can go about optimizing for local SERP, let me make things simpler for you- focus on these key dimensions of Local SEO- keywords, GMB Optimization, NAP Citation, On-page Optimization & Backlinks.

I talk about these dimensions and how you can work them out in detail in my Local SEO Guide.

6. Analyze. Assess. Adapt

With something as dynamic as optimizing for the search engine algorithm and its various trends, the earlier you understand that it is an on-going, ever-evolving process, the better things will turn out to be.

Regardless of how well you equip yourself, there is always a strong possibility that something that will take you by surprise and catch you off guard will pop up. You can never be so sure. To say, at any point, that you are prepared, come what may, would be a piece of overstatement.

With all elements of the process, it is necessary that you keep on analyzing the ground at all times, assessing the changes in trends and requirements and adapting accordingly by making the necessary adjustments. That’s the hallmark of an enterprise destined for success.

If you are wondering how that’s even a possibility, especially after considering the already existing load of work to be attended to, that’s where the role of an SEO Expert comes in handy.

Don’t fret about it too much. Follow the aforementioned advice and if you feel like you need further assistance, just know that that’s what I am here for.