Voice Search Statistics: The Trends of the New Era

Online Marketing and its various elements are as dynamic as they come. With every passing day, we witness advancement in the way things are carried out on the search engine, resulting in a shift of the paradigm through which interactions take place online.

As a business owner, marking your presence and showing out is more important than ever. My considerable experience in dealing in this industry has taught me that besides all the fundamentals and the foundational tasks that one must tackle and accomplish, there is something more important when it comes to ensuring that your flag is still waiving at the top of the castle, even through the changing times.

That something is adapting to the ways of the new era and ensuring that you do the right things to capitalise on all opportunities that the modern trends present. But it is easier said than done. To do so, the first thing that you must have in your pocket is an understanding of these changing trends.

When the online industry has begun to show a growth in voice based searching and browsing and it has emerged as a new element of the game, we as business owners must learn a thing or two about it and find ways to incorporate the same into our strategies to stand the test of time and trends. Keeping that in mind, I have already shared with you, the details about Local SEO Stats for 2021 and how they can be used to boost your business.

With that being said, I present to you a set of 21 Voice Search Stats and their implications to help you level up your marketing game in 2021.

Key Stats That Show the Standing of Voice Search

  1. 31% of worldwide  smartphone users make use of voice tech at least once a week.
  2. 20% of queries on Google’s mobile apps and android devices are through voice search.
  3. Over 400 million devices have Google Assistant available and in use.
  4. By the coming year, it is projected that 50% of all online searches will be voice based.
  5. Similarly, 30% of all online browsing will be conducted without any screen via voice enabled technology.
  6. Over the last two years, the usage of Smart Speakers has increased by over 200% with almost 55% of households now using the same.
  7. Word accuracy for voice based search through technologies such as Siri and Google Assistant has improved to over 90%, showing tremendous improvement over the years since their introduction in the market.


These trends reveal how the utility of voice based searching and browsing has grown manifold and has begun to take over the conventional methods of browsing the internet. With the rapidly increasing percentage of population who prefer to use voice enabled services such as Smart Speakers and voice assistance, it has become evident that voice search is the next big thing.

Stats That Show The Usage of Voice Search

  1. With Smart Speakers as the most used technology for voice-based browsing, playing music accounts for 80%, seeking information accounts for 40% and shopping accounts for over 35% of the usage.
  2. Seeking information and browsing accounts for 82% usage of Voice Assistants.
  3. As little as 25 keywords trigger over 20% of all voice-based searches.
  4. Over 50% of Smart Speaker users consider it better and more natural using these voice-enabled devices compared to conventional methods.
  5. Usage in homes account for over 40% of voice-assisted search for hands-free experience and this has resulted in an increased demand for home-based devices and apps.
  6. Majority of these users fall in the 18-36 age group.
  7. 65% of these users make use of voice enabled devices at least once a day.


Upon analysing the trends, we can easily figure out that whether it is entertainment, shopping or basic browsing, voice-enabled devices have established themselves as the major ship-steerers when it comes to using the internet for the aforementioned tasks.  The rise in the usage of Smart Speaker points towards the inclination of people towards using voice-enabled technology instead of the conventional ways.

As such, voice search finds its usage in all spectrums and in considerable amounts as well. Therefore by ensuring that the services provided are optimised for voice-search, service providers can have their services accessible to larger number of consumers.

Voice Search & E-Commerce

  1. The Voice Shopping Market has been on the trajectory of experiencing a growth of over 20X in a short period of 4 years.
  2. 65% of online users conduct purchasing of goods and services online through voice enabled Smart Speakers.
  3. 12% of Smart Speaker owners make voice based purchases on a monthly basis.
  4. Conducting online research for various products is the top shopping related activity.
  5. Weekly local voice searches are conducted by 75% users on a weekly basis.
  6. Almost 30% of the consumers call the business that they have found through a voice search before visiting it.
  7. Voice Search stats showcase that calls generated via voice search leads to 10-15X better conversion than leads generated through the website.


While voice-search has grown its influence and taken charge of most spheres of the online world, its most profound utility and significance can be observed in the sphere of commerce and online marketing enterprise. When a major chunk of the consumers find themselves comfortable to conduct and find solutions for their needs via voice search, it is but necessary for the service providers to establish themselves to successfully make their products and services available to such consumers to avoid losing opportunities.

Bend the Trends In Your Favor: It’s Now or Never

These 21 trends help us figure out the status of voice search in today’s online marketing scenario. But this is not where it ends. Learning about these trends is not enough, particularly when you are a business owner. You must learn to utilise them to benefit your business by incorporating the key takeaways from these stats in your marketing and optimisation strategy.

Based on the pattern of these trends and the way and extent to which voice-based searching and browsing has found its expression, it would only be right to think that no-screen interaction, based solely on voice enabled technology is going to be the tale of the tape in the near future. If you want to have your business continue to grow and prosper, taking full advantage of these trends should be a no-brainer, I tell you this from my years of extended experience in the online marketing industry and having interacted with tons of businesses like yours.

If you are interested to know more about such trends and projections, get connected with me to learn more.