Privacy Policy

The privacy of the customers is the most important thing for SEO Expert Abhi. I, Abhishek Kumar, ensure high customer data privacy and security standards. This Privacy Policy page is dedicated to establish the postulations and provisions included in the Privacy Policy of the website

Collection of Data

This is to inform that the data collected by and through the website of SEO Expert Abhi is collected in the most secure and safe manner. Proper care is taken to ensure no complexities in the data collection process. The website is secured through proper measures. The collection of information through the forms done is a protected manner. The concerning laws are always adhered to and violation of any postulation from my side will be completely addressed in fair terms.

Storing the Data

Just like the collecting of Data, I ensure that proper security is maintained in storing the data. All data collected and stored are subject to complete scrutiny and monitoring. Any leakage, stealing or spreading of these data is not done. SEO Expert Abhi holds responsibility of the safe storage of any collected data.

Data Usage

All data collected is used as per fair terms. No unauthorised and unethical usage of data is made. These are held and maintained in secrecy. We comply to all related and concerned laws as per our privacy policy. Complete protection of these data is strictly maintained. However, in the event where the law of the land requires SEO Expert Abhi to produce the data for legal proceedings, it shall be made available in the fair manner.

Customer’s security as the primary objective

All my dealings and proceedings are based on dedicated compliance to the security of customers and their valuable data. I ensure no misuse of Data in any form. I bear complete obligation to the law for the fair usage and collection of it as per the conventions mentioned under the laws. I also hold complete accountability in case of any such event.

Misuse or plagiarism on the part of any third party website or entity is also covered and in the event of such activities, the law of the land shall be applicable.

Customers who decide to use SEO Expert Abhi and corresponding services, agree to subscribe to the fair usage and privacy policy and the provisions mentioned herein shall hold true for them, including me.

In the event of any changes in the Privacy Policy for, all such changes shall be notified here.