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Local Business? You Need Google Local SEO in 2021

Gone are the days when you could get started with a business in the local market and attain a considerable and decent degree of success with it by making sure that banners, placards and pamphlets for your business could be seen at every major corner of the locality. All of it has become outdated.

Regardless of the type of services or products that customers are seeking, the first place that they turn to is the internet. You know what that means. Your presence with your storefront hardly matters if you aren’t present and visible on the internet.The number of searches that are made every day, with an intent to find locally based service providers are growing by the day. And the number of daily searches made on Google is known to all. When you combine these two you get to know the secret to succeed in the local market.

If you haven’t figured it out already, let me do it for you. Google Local SEO is what you need if you have a local business and want to be successful in 2021.


Business need Local SEO.

Why Google Local SEO?

A basic research for a business in any niche, in the local market, reveals that the competition is heavy. There are several owners who are competing among each other to get the maximum number of customers that come looking for these services. When you plan to set your foot on the market, you have to understand a few things.

Owning to the neck to neck competition, it becomes essential that you land in equipped with every strategy and insight that will help you get an edge over your competitors. Failing to do so simply translates to you failing to mark your presence in the market, let alone attracting the customers in heavy numbers that you dreamt of.

If you would like to get an idea of where you would best like to have your local business headed to, just type in any keyword related to the services you offer in the Google search box and you will find out that there are websites but there is also a section which enlists three local business which offer the service that you are looking for. This box is known as the ‘Snack Pack’. This is the best place to see your business listed at. Once you are able to make it to this place, you can rest assured that all that you have been dreaming of in terms of traffic, customers, sales and revenue will automatically materialize.

Sounds interesting, right? I’m sure that every business that wants to become successful in the local arena, wants to make it to the “Local 3 Pack” and I’m also sure you are no different. Like I said, the competition is heavy, but optimising your business profile for Google Local Search Results is the key to getting there.

How Optimizing With Local SEO is the Game Changer

Let me tell you how incorporating a strategy which prioritises Local SEO, is the game changing move that will leave your competitors wondering and you with all the gains.

The focus of a Google Local SEO strategy is on getting your business to rank higher, in the first page, for the keywords that are prominent in the local market for the services/products you offer. When we talk about local businesses, we know that most of the searches are going to be locally made and let me tell you that most of these searches are made not through a desktop/PC but mobile phones. Thus making the online profile for business as compatible and functional for mobile devices as possible is just as important.

Your Local Listing, also known as the Google My Business Listing is the most important tool that is going to aid your journey to the snack pack. The information that is made available to Google on your business listing is the same that Google makes available to the customers. Consistency and precision in this aspect, wins you more customers. Thus making sure that your local business listing is properly optimized should top your to-do list.

The next thing that is to be kept in mind to utilise Local SEO to the fullest is focusing on Maps Marketing. Searches are mostly made on Google Maps and much of the activity is conducted based on what is found there. This only goes to show the importance of embedding Google Maps in your local SEO regimen. Your listing, which I’ve just talked about, comes in handy in here.

When you have kept all these in mind and made sure that the online profile for your business is properly optimized for the local market, there are numerous benefits that flow in.

Increased Presence In The Local Market

Incorporating a strategy based on the points I’ve discussed above and following it thoroughly will see you at the top of the local rankings and there’s no better way to mark your presence in the market than showing up at the top.

Getting Ahead Of The Competitors

When you are able to make it to the top of Google’s Local Search Results, you already know that you have made it through the tight competition. When customers find you rank better than the rest of the service providers, they know that you are there because you are better than them. This and you have cracked the deal.

Increased Activity, Traffic, Sales and Revenue

Drawing from the previous point, when you are able to get more and more number of customers to choose you over your competitors, you witness an increase in the activity in the form of heavy traffic which translates to more sales and better revenue from these. Thus you see all your goals materialising.

These are the major benefits that you get are not mere benefits but advantages that you gain over your competitors. And when you know that you are looking to play it big and make it big in such a competitive arena, you can let any opportunity to gain an advantage slip away. Incorporate a solid Google Local SEO strategy for your business in 2021 and captialize on every possibility.