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Google RankBrain- What and Why in 2021

If there’s one thing that Google has stood out for and that has made it impeccable in the world of search engines, it is its ability to come up with the most unique algorithm updates that not only add to its own quality but also ensures that businesses work towards ensuring top quality on their front as well.

One such update that has gained its fair share of limelight during the recent years and has made its mark is the induction of RankBrain in its Algorithm AI. Ever since the online world heard the word, it has remained a hot topic.

It’s 2021 and you cannot leave any stone unturned in order to add up to your marketing strategy. Understanding what RankBrain is, how it works and why you need to consider it is important.

 So here’s this guide on RankBrain and how you can mould your strategy to benefit from it.

Google RankBrain- The Background

Before answering “What is Google RankBrain?” or how it works, we need to gain an understanding of its background and how it came into being. That it has now become a major element of Google’s Search Algorithm, let’s start by talking about the algorithm trends.

With the introduction of Google’s Hummingbird update in 2013, the way search was conducted by customers and interpreted by search engine transformed in its entirety. Unlike the prior way of showing results simply based on the words used, things became more contextual.

The Hummingbird update did the following:

  • It shifted the trend from analysing the words used by the customers to the intent of the customers. Thus it could differentiate between searches involving similar words but different intent.
  • It also made it easier to analyse, understand and comprehend searches involving conversational speech. Owing to this, even if you somehow managed to misspell the words, it could figure out the correct search to display results for.
  • Combining these two, it became possible for the search algorithm to find out and display better and more relevant results, as per the customer’s search intent, particularly for the local search results.

Hummingbird update was undoubtedly a game changer. It was through this that Google made use of a knowledge base to decipher the searches effectively and display better results.

However, there was a shortcoming associated with it. The knowledge base used wasn’t dynamic enough. What it meant is that although it could understand that a search for ‘Apple’ could mean either the fruit or the brand, it couldn’t make out which one is more relevant for customers. Here, the focus, apparently, was still on the use of keywords.

To do away with the flaw, Google rolled out RankBrain as a core element of its search algorithm. With Google RankBrain, the idea of modifying search results and trends as per the customer’s intent and relevancy of results saw full fledged implementation.

The idea was to make Google more functional for the customers and the introduction of RankBrain has been a refined and a  successful step in that direction.

How Does Google RankBrain Work?

Now that we know what RankBrain is and how it came to become an integral part of Google’s Search Algorithm, let’s try to understand how it works towards achieving the idea with which it was introduced.

But before we get to know about it, we need to understand how Google uses Machine Learning in its search algorithm.

As far as Machine Learning aka Artificial Learning that is utilised by Google for its search algorithm is concerned, there are two different ways to go about it.

  • Supervised Learning: In this the machine has a classified set of data as its working ground. It utilise the information and instructions therein to analyse and comprehend different and unknown data upon need. 
  • Unsupervised Learning: This method doesn’t incorporate any classified data. The learning takes place with no prior inputs of information and instruction. Through a combination of Supervised and Unsupervised Learning, machines can make use of the ‘experience’ to learn from and develop a dynamic knowledge base for an improved functionality.

The Hummingbird update was the first step towards shifting from keywords-oriented approach to intent-oriented approach. The RankBrain simply came as an add-on to make this approach functional and effective.

How RankBrain Plays Its Role

A successful understanding of user intent required an understanding of the context. Without it, chances of dubiousness and irrelavancy creeping in the search results for a query couldn’t be ruled out.

How RankBrain aids Hummingbird’s method of understanding the user intent is that it provide a context for the query to make the interpretation of the search as accurate as possible. As such, it serves as an add-on to Hummingbird which increases its functionality and effectiveness in serving the purpose it was rolled out for.

We need to understand that not all queries require a context in order to be s successfully interpreted. For example, if the query is a direct, clear question involving no utility of context, than RankBrain won’t have any considerable role to play.

However, when the query is complex, requiring contextual interpretation, that’s when RankBrain does its job. This can be easily understood through an example.

Suppose the query made is ‘Apple’. That’s it. No strings attached. Prima facie, we cannot decide over a singular thing to display results about. One might either look for ‘fruits’ or for ‘Apple Products’ such as iPhone etc.

Now what RankBrain does is it offers results with both outcomes. That is, you will find information about the fruit as well as the device. What it does is that it analyses the trend associated with this query. If there’s more interaction with iPhones and other ‘Apple Products’, RankBrain signals the SERP to adapt the search results accordingly.

Optimizing For RankBrain is Important For You!

We all know about the numerous factors involved in the search algorithm that contribute in direct as well as indirect ways towards what show up in search results. If you are associated with the online world as a business owner looking to make the most out of Digital Marketing, I’m sure you understand the importance of search ranking that your business has.

When the competition is heavy and there’s a lot going on, the best thing to do is ensure that you adapt yourself to fit in all of it and make the most out of any viable opportunity. Given the impact that RankBrain has on SERP and what gets displayed in search results for any query, your best bet is to optimize for it.

How To Optimize For RankBrain?

We all know about the core elements involved in Search Engine Optimization such as Keywords, Backlinks etc. When we talk about optimizing your online profile to utilise the provisions of RankBrain to assist your online business, you need to focus on what RankBrain focuses on.

RankBrain is all about the contextual interpretation of user intent associated with any query. What it means is that the prime focus is on understanding what the customers are looking for. You have to take care of the same thing.

Focusing on providing relevant, useful and quality information/content to the customers is what I’m talking about. Offering the best that the customers expect when they conduct a search is what can get you to align yourself to make use of RankBrain to boost your ranking prospects.

If we talk about Google and optimizing for the search engine, sure there are a lot of things involved and ongoing. However, in both the cases, what has always stood the test of time and Algorithm Updates is QUALITY WORK. No matter what the algorithm update comes with or what you are working on for Search Optimization, if there’s one thing that can help you through all of it successfully is offering top quality in all you do.

Google has always advocated the need to provide prime user experience to its customers. That’s all it cares about. That’s the reason why those who offer and provide value to customers tend to have better ranking prospects than others. RankBrain is no different.

If you can ensure that the content you offer is relevant and high in value and quality, you don’t need to do anything else to optimize for the RankBrain. If you can get the customers satisfied with it, you can rest assured that you have satisfied what RankBrain is looking for in you.

Quality Can Help You Make The Best Of Everything

Google has been very clear with what it always looks for with anyone associated with it. QUALITY. If you can assure quality, Google can assure you success on the search engine.

Whether it is RankBrain, Search Rankings, your business or anything in general, if you want to make and get the best out of anything, just work towards ensuring prime quality and everything else will automatically fall in place.

RankBrain is one of the many factors that account to Google Search Results and Rankings and optimizing for it can certainly help your business to utilise its functionality to aid your business ventures. If you would like to learn more about search optimization and how you can do it to perform better online, reach out to me and I’ll be more than happy to help you out.