7 Sure Shot Ways for SEO Company to Increase Revenue

The era is of the internet and the process of utilizing it to market a business has become entirely dynamic. The reach of the internet outdoes that of the physical self and owing to this and numerous other such reasons, the number of businesses operating via the internet has grown rapidly.

With that number has also grown the competition in the online market making it essential for businesses to put in the right kind of work to get the desired result. That’s where the role of Search Engine Optimization comes into play.

With businesses looking to find the suitable SEO strategy for their business, there are several service providers on the rise as well. 

While for a business owner who is looking to make it big in the market, the role of search engine optimization is to help in generating authority, exposure and traffic for the business, the case is a bit different for someone who provides search optimization services.

Besides helping other businesses realize their online goals, they also have to make their business work and get the best returns from it as well. If you are someone who runs an SEO agency/company, that’s what this article is going to help you with.

As an SEO Expert who has been there and done that for years, I am going to share with you 7 tips for SEO agency to increase their revenue aka ROI from their clients and business endeavors. These are ideas that, when incorporated in your strategy, can surely help you leverage your revenue output manifold. 

Let’s get right into it.

1. Get Them Spreading The Word

What I am about to share with you is that one thing that can change the game for your SEO agency forever. What I’m talking about is getting your customers to work as advertisers for your products and services aka utilizing referrals.

Trust me, if you are able to execute this in the right manner, you will instantly get an upper hand over your competitors.

This is how you do it right: make a list of customers that have expressed great satisfaction for your service. In other words, find out your regular customers. The next time you serve and/or interact with them, make a request asking them to refer your business to others. Considering they are pleased with their dealings with you, it is likely that they would grant you the favor.

Let me tell you why this process is so effective. No matter how much we businessmen promote and claim the quality of our services, the impact that a fellow customer and his/her words about the experience can have on another outweighs all that we might do.

The reason is that while customers view our efforts as that of a salesman who is bound to speak highly of himself, they take words of fellow customers like them as authentic testimony of the true quality. That’s what I’m asking you to make use of. 

Besides, incentivizing referrals with discounts and offers makes things more interesting.

2. Flaunt Those Accomplishments

As blunt as it might sound, this is the reality of our world- people don’t care to look at and appreciate the efforts that you put in, all that they value are results; and they are not very wrong in doing so. Good results are reflections of good efforts/practices, in most cases.

The same goes for your SEO agency. You can claim all that you want about the quality of your SEO methods or why your SEO consulting service is the best in the market, it will all be of little value unless you are able to showcase results that are consistent with your claims.

Now you know what people care about, it is time you realize that you must showcase your and your client’s achievements.

Here is another reason why you should do that- it lets the customers feel that you value their success and consider celebrating it along with them. It sends a positive message, strengthening the customer-client bond. This will aid you when you try to get those customers to purchase new services and, in some case, pay higher for existing services.

The more important reason is that it will help attract more potential customers who are looking for similar things as your happy customers.

3. Be There For Them, Always

Just as it is important to find potential customers and serve them with what they are looking for, it is also important to stay in constant touch with them. If you are in the marketing business, especially the online side, you must be aware of the cut-throat competition that’s the hallmark of the industry.

While as an SEO agency you are able to help your clients cut through the competition, it is imperative for you to be on the lookout. You must understand that it is much easier for customers to find new service providers than it is for service providers to find new clients.

Therefore, you should be in regular touch with your existing clients to make sure that you retain them and not lose them to your competitors. Now, you might be wondering how you should go about it. Let me tell you how.

One way is to keep checking on them, enquiring about their experience and finding out if they have something that you can help them with. The second way, which I personally recommend, is to hit them up with SEO audits and reports, with an analysis of what things are like at the moment and recommendations on how to keep things rolling. This is also the time when you can introduce them to new offers, services etc.

4. Offer Your Services In Packages

The next thing that can help you get more revenue is to offer your services in bundles. What this means is that instead of offering individual SEO services, you group them in the form of different packages. An example would be grouping Keyword Research, Competitive Analysis and Maps Marketing under the Local SEO tag.

This helps you in two ways:

  1. Since you offer services in packages, you can get customers to purchase services that they would normally miss out on and that are really helpful for them.
  2. When new potential customers, especially those who are not very aware of the technicalities of SEO and the purpose of different processes/services, visit your website, they will find things grouped together, making it easier for them to choose all important things for their business without getting confused and missing out on the required things.

5. Make Things Profit-Driven

This is one of those things that will help you connect with the customers on a higher level, making your work easier.

Having been in the digital marketing industry for a long time and having served tons of customers of all kinds, one thing that I would like to relay to all those who are looking to serve customers’ optimization needs, based on my own experience and realization, is that when the customers come to you to help them with their online business, they are not actually looking for SEO services. In fact, most of them are not even aware of what that term actually means.

What they are looking for are things and ways through which they can make their business more successful- in simpler terms, earn more profit.

That’s what it is truly all about for them. So is the case with agencies and companies like yourself. Since profit is the bullseye, that’s what you should make it all about. 

The next time you are trying to make a customer understand how SEO can help them, don’t delve too much into the technical side of things. Let them know that SEO is that tool which will help them amp up their profit-making. The more they ‘invest’ in it, the higher the ‘return’, because that’s the truth.

6. Add Specificity To Your Target

Specificity keeps things simple. This is one of those ‘golden rules’ governing the marketing industry. Besides your online clients, it is applicable to you as a service provider.

Let me explain. We know how by streamlining the target customers by identifying and incorporating longtail keywords that are niche-based and not generic, we can make it easier for businesses to perform in the market and get an inflow of customers. Service providers are also governed by a similar principle.

Instead of focusing on providing SEO services to the whole of the internet right off the bat, you should first consider building your authority at the local level and once you have accomplished that goal, it will be relatively easier for you to expand the spectrum.

As such instead of marketing yourself just as “SEO agency”, you should initially focus on marketing as “SEO agency in XYZCITY”. That way you are narrowing down the competition and making it easier for customers to find you.

7. Let The Products Market Themselves

This is the fundamental idea that should be at the top of the priority list for you. In fact, it is so decisive that without it, nothing really matters.

No matter how hard you try to promote yourself and lure in customers through offers and all of that, you cannot actually retain them if your services/products don’t have the quality that you promise.

I am of the opinion that a product should be able to market itself. That would only be possible when you make sure that the quality is top-notch. As such, just like the above 6 ideas, and in honesty even more than those, you should focus on levelling up the quality of what you have to offer and the rest will fall in place.

Implementing one or all of these seven ideas will help you take a big step in the right direction towards increasing revenue and ROI for your SEO enterprise. Keep this in mind that it is easier to get more from an existing customer than it is to get new customers. Therefore, when customers are so pivotal in deciding the fate of your business, you should not see them as mere customers. 

Consider each customer as a business opportunity, an asset and building block of your success. With that shift in your outlook and disposition, better things are bound to follow.