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Google SEO Tools- 8 Free Options to Aid Your Ranking Prospects

If there is something that we can all acknowledge, regardless of anything else, it is the excellence of Google when it comes to handling the online world. I think it’s high time that we sign a petition to consider ‘Google’ as a synonym to ‘revolution’.

Time and again I have written articles that bear testimony to the aforementioned statements. From maintaining a dynamic online environment for the customers as well as the marketers to rolling out tools and provisions to offer a prime experience to both groups, there’s absolutely nothing that Google cannot do right.

Talking of doing the right things brings us to the subject of this article. I am going to bring to your knowledge, 8 free SEO tools from Google that can help you take proper control of the ranking prospects of your online business.

These tools provide you with all the necessary insights that will enable you to understand the intricate dynamics of your business and things that you can do to significantly improve them.

Google Search Console

This is the first free SEO tool on our list and it is a potent one. Google Search Console is the go-to place when you want to figure out about some of the most important elements of your website and its performance on the internet.

This free tool from Google allows you to monitor crucial factors that have direct impact on your website. From analyzing your Google search traffic to figuring out how often and under which search queries your website shows up on the internet, it presents such details in a manner that is comprehensive.

Also, when the AI records any case of activities that might result in incurring a Google Penalty, you get notified in the search console. Besides, you can also check about indexing status of webpages along with the backlink profile for the same.

Google Keyword Planner

Keywords form the very foundation which decides the ‘what’ and to a degree the ‘when’ of the ranking prospects of your website. Your business will never show up for all the search queries in the world. Ideally, it should show up when a relevant and valuable keyword-based search which is related to what you do and what you have to offer is conducted.

As such we can narrow down the sphere of focus by choosing only those keywords that are significant and can aid in growing the wings of your enterprise.

While I recommend seeking professional help, specifically from an expert in making the choice of keywords to target, if you are looking for some tools that can help you do things by yourself, Google Keyword Planner is what you need.

Google Analytics

As the name suggests, Google Analytics allows you to analyze the significant data and stats related to the online profile of your business. When it comes to ensuring the efficiency of the strategies that you use to optimize your business for the search engine, nothing bears a better indication of the efficiency than the results that are yielded.

This Google SEO tool helps you analyze those results. It allows you keep a track of and understand stats such as number of visitors, bounce rate, performance of your website for different search queries. 

In short, anything that holds value and can paint a picture that will help you assess the status of your website is covered by Google Analytics, and for free.

Google Trends

The next tool on the list allows you to assess the relevance of any keyword/term in terms of the volume of search. 

You can look for any particular term and this tool will allow you to check the search volume for it. In this way, you can figure out what’s trending and what’s not and can decide to focus on something that will help you grow.

While Google Trends in not something that will directly improve your optimization strategy, it can help you when it comes to one of the components of the process- selecting the right keywords to target. 

Google My Business

Probably my favorite offering from Google, Google My Business is the single most important tool when it comes to taking charge of your business in the proper manner. Discussing the importance of a Google business listing for your business and the utility of GMB in making best use of it has been the most crucial part of my Local SEO strategy over the years. 

I have reinstated it several times that a properly built local listing and a solid and updated Google My Business profile is a prerequisite for any considerable success, particularly in the local area. From monitoring and adjusting the key elements of your business to making use of Google Posts to promote what you are all about and what you have to offer, there’s a lot that you can do.

There are enough reasons why setting up and verifying a local listing for your business should be on your priority list. 

Google Mobile-Friendly Test

With over 80% of the searches being conducted via mobile devices, ensuring that your website is good enough for the mobile devices has become paramount. The need to incorporate a strategy to optimize your website in order to make it mobile-friendly is reinforced by the fact that Google considers it as a ranking factor.

Google is all about providing the best user experience and when most of the customers conduct their online activity through mobile devices, Google has made it mandatory for marketers to create their websites keeping the same thing in mind to be eligible to get into the ranking spots. 

Google has a tool to determine if your website is mobile-friendly or not. All you have to do it submit your URL and click on Analyze. That’s it. You will then be informed if your website qualifies as mobile-friendly or not.

If the report is negative, you should seriously consider working on this aspect of the website.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Talking of ranking factors, another important factor that plays a major role in determining the level of success you will have in Google search rankings is the page speed/loading speed of your website.

While it might appear to be of less significance, the fact is that the loading speed of your website is something that can make or break the deal for you. Google considers it as a top priority for ensuring optimal user experience. You should do it too.

Google PageSpeed Insights Tool is something that can help you take care of that. It helps you to assess the loading speed of your webpages and determine if they are fast enough. It also comes with insights as in what can be done to optimize and improve the loading speed.

Google Correlate

We have already discussed about the importance of selecting, incorporating and targeting the right kind of keywords to add to your chances of being successful as an online business. When it comes to keywords, making the right choices can be a game-changer for you.

Google Correlate is one of those tools that will serve as an aid in the process. It helps you analyze the search pattern. It offers you details about the different words that people use together when searching a keyword. These patterns can be analyzed to help you gauge the different possibilities of keywords and ultimately help you craft the most effective keyword research strategy for your business. 

Final Words

That’s my take on the best Google SEO tools that you can use to make marketing a better experience for you in some way. I have ensured that I only include the free options available for use. 

Tools are something that can be of great aid in making things easy when you know about the right ones and the right way to you use them. While that is true, especially when it comes to these tools that I have discussed about, there’s something about the insights, experience and expertise of someone who has done it for almost a decade now.

If you are willing to get in touch with an understanding and expertise that has been cultivated through the years and by doing the right things, and want to learn things to aid your online journey, I am only one call away.