conversion rate increase

Landing Pages: 10 Key Design Tips For Crazy High Conversions

conversion rate increase

You can utilise all sorts of effective measures to boost your online visibility and attract heavy traffic to your business. But that’s not enough to truly succeed with your online venture and to grow your online business. In fact, this is only the foundational work. Yes, you read that right.

If you think that being able to successfully generate heavy organic traffic is the mark of your success, you are missing on a very crucial piece of the puzzle. True success is when, besides increased flow of customers in the form of heavy traffic to your online storefront, you are able to convert these into successful leads.

Successful conversion. That’s the keyword. I’ve said it time and again that while the various SEO measures are there to help you get in a position where more customers can find you, cracking a successful deal depends entirely on what you offer through your website. You need to work towards optimizing your website’s landing page so as to improve conversion of traffic into successful business leads.

Doing so can seem like a daunting task, given the number of things that you need to take care of, particularly when you are someone who’s rather new in this industry. However, when you have a well structured strategy, backed by expert advice, you can pull it off perfectly. Having said that, here’s my list of things that can be done to improve the conversion rate through your landing page.

1) Laying The First Brick Right

Anytime you wonder “how to optimise landing page”, you need to understand that you must follow a step-by-step strategy that will ensure that you have worked upon all fronts. 

The first thing, in that way, that pops out for me, is the headline or the title for your landing page. Just like your website is the most important and the first part of your online business that customer’s engage with, the headline is the first thing that they notice about your webpage.

It becomes important that you make the best use of it to offer the sense of satisfaction with what you have to offer to your customers. That is done by creating a meaningful, relevant and well-structured headline that can let the customers know what you have on the table and at the same time invite them for further interaction.

 Precision and value are things you need to keep in mind while crafting the headline for your landing page that can assist you in successful conversion of traffic.

2) Make It Easily Scannable

We can all agree to the fact that when we have to go through some reports or let’s say a novel, we all tend to start with what is called a cursory reading. Meaning to say that before we delve into the details of anything, we all like to get the gist of what we can expect when we go through the entire thing.

We do that to make it easier for ourselves. And while you are entertaining your customers, you need to keep the same thing in mind. It’s all about working on the user experience and there’s nothing better than making it easier for customers to interact with what you offer.

By incorporating proper subheadings and a general structure that allows user to easily scan the information before they begin reading it, you are stepping up your game. Good subheadings are those that elaborate on the idea conveyed by your major headlines and provide a deeper insight on what customers can expect from you. 

3) Use Images & Videos To Your Advantage

When we talk about enhancing the positive experience for customers who interact with what you offer, I would like to bring to your notice the fact that no one would like to scroll through endless information without any visual appeal. When it is all bland, the chances of customers bouncing from your website cannot be ruled out.

To counter the monotony that can hamper your prospects of holding the customers and converting them into business leads, I advise you to make wise use of images and videos. When used in the right manner, these can directly impact how customers engage with the information and increase positive chances of conversion manifold.

However, you need to be careful while utilising these. Make sure that you use high-quality images that are relevant and do the talking for your products/services and provide a better insight to the customers.

4) Structure is The Key, Always

I’ve always been a proponent of how incorporating structure in anything that you do can make it effective and efficient and the same holds true even when it comes to the optimization of your landing page for maximum efficiency.

While you can have the best content in the market, complemented by the most relevant and inviting images/videos, if you fail to organise all of these in a structured manner, you fail to make the best use of anything. Therefore, structuring things in a logical manner is something that’s inevitable if you are serious about the efficiency of the landing page.

You should organise the different components of the page in a way that each of these add value to the other and also weave a relevant and consistent flow of information. The customers should be able to easily navigate between different sections, while easily understanding and linking one part to another.

5) Be Value-Oriented

One thing that should be at the top of your priority list while you are optimising your landing page is to always be value-oriented. That’s what your customers are looking for and that’s what you should focus on providing.

The things that you need to do to offer value to your customers are simple. Always work towards addressing their queries and providing an effective solution to their issues while taking proper care of their needs. These things go on to showcase that you truly value your customers need and it’s not only business to you.

When you customers are able to receive this signal, you automatically level up in their eyes, compared to your competitors that are out there ready to grab all the traffic. 

This brings us to the next point.

6) Stand Out In The Market

Let’s get it straight. We all know that everything that we do, is aimed at improving our standings when compared to those of our competitors in the market. Suppose that you are the only business in a niche. Would you worry about any of the things involved in search engine optimization? You wouldn’t.

This goes to show that standing out in the market with our products/services is quintessential for the success of our online enterprise. By incorporating certain things, you can stand out in the eyes of the customers, while adding up to the value of your landing page. Let me tell you how.

What you offer is all that you have to stand out for. By making sure that you list down all relevant and crucial information about the services and products that you offer, while showcasing the benefits of choosing these over anything else in the market, you are successfully doing the job.

The takeaway from this should be that you must organise your landing page in a way that it highlights your products/services while also describing the perks that come along.

7) Testimonials To Build Trust

How many instances do you remember when you asked your friends for their review of some movies/video games before you actually went on to purchase it? I know there’s a plenty of them. And I know it because it is a common human tendency.

The first thing that we refer to and ultimately trust before buying something is the product review left by customers who have already had some experience with the product/service. Based on what we see/hear we end up making our minds in favour or against getting that thing.

By showcasing the testimonials of customers who have already hired your services or purchased your products, you make it easier for customers to figure things out. When you have a streak of genuine, positive reviews, it signals the visitors that you truly offer quality and value and also builds their trust in you, even before they have hired these services themselves. 

When you are able to get them to put their trust and faith in you, you have already cracked the deal.

8) Make It Easier To Get In Touch

This is one of the most important and at the same time, one of the most overlooked components of your landing page. I’ve said it time and again that your website is the online storefront for your business. However, leaving your customers hanging around isn’t the right thing to do.

Besides ensuring that you have a compelling and inviting landing page, focusing on all the points that I’ve discussed above, you need to ensure that you make it easy for your customers to contact you. By listing down all the necessary information such as office hours, phone number and even complete and precise address, you make it simpler and easier for customers to get in touch with you.

Under no circumstances should they be left wondering how to get in touch with you. The best thing, in my opinion that can be done to avoid this is to add a contact form through which the customers can drop a line with their queries and concerns.

9) Craft a Compelling Call-To-Action

A well crafted and compelling Call-To-Action is the most important thing that seals the deal for you. This is the part which marks the successful conversion of your traffic into business leads.

I’d like you to keep certain things in mind while working on your Call-To-Action. Make sure that it is well structured and that it carries a persuasive tonality with it. Also, focus on designing this part in a way that it stands out from other parts of the webpage.

Another thing that you can do is place it strategically on the webpage. You have to figure out the most effective points at which you can use these to add up to the chances of finally sealing the deal. Assess your landing page and add a Call-To-Action at the place where you can get the best from it.

10) Make Your Customers Feel Important

It’s all about making the customers feel like they are the king, because that’s how it truly is and that’s how you should keep it. Incorporate a page or a section such that whenever you have a customer stopping by your website and even conducting business with you, you express your appreciation and gratitude for them. 

In this way, you show them that you value their presence and their time. It also helps you create a cordial image and relationship with your customers and like they say, a happy customer is the most prominent mark of a successful business.

Mould The Landing Page Right.

Online business can be a complex thing for many. However, as long as you are all about ensuring maximum satisfaction of your customers and moulding your business for offering maximum utility to your customers, you can keep it all simple and sorted out.

Working on the needs and prime satisfaction of your customers should be the real motive behind all your undertakings. When you can do that, you can rest assured that you will be successful in all your endeavours. Optimising your landing page for maximum conversion of leads then becomes pretty simple and easy.